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Unexpected Red

You may have seen that red is having a moment on social media and the wider design scene?

Red is a less commonly used or even considered colour for many. The theory behind 'unexpected red' is that it can act as a neutral in many different settings. We're not talking about painting your entire kitchen in ketchup red (although if you have children maybe this would help ketchup finger marks?!), more adding a singular element to your scheme or a few small accessories in a red of your choice.

Reds range from warming paprika tones which work well with blues and pinks of a similar tone, to a vibrant lipstick red, working well with navy or azure blue tones in a traditional scheme, with pillar box red lending itself to coastal themes with its lobster inspired feel.


Image credit: Decorella

Image credit: Annie Sloan

Feeling inspired yet? Here's a few easy peasy ways to dip your toe into the 'unexpected red' trend without committing paint onto walls...

Red and white basket

Catherine x

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